Netflix Corporate Auditorium

Los Gatos CA

The Neflix Corporate Auditorium is part of the newly constructed corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, CA.  The auditorium is host to meetings and presentations, as well as film and media screenings.  The 50+ loudspeakers in the E-coustic System provide several key functions.  First, they provide supplemental sound reinforcement for microphone signals sent to the L-C-R film playback system when it is used for presentations.  For meetings and conferences, the systems Voice Lift mode enables both presenters and participants to communicate freely without the need for additional microphones.  The Media Playback portion of the system accommodates surround sound in all formats including Atmos and proposed MDA object oriented multi-dimensional audio.

Venue Data: 

Acoustical Consulting Firm:  ARUP
Acoustical Consultant:  Kurt Graffy
Contracting Firm: Pro-Media
Capacity: ~300