Stonebriar Community Church

Frisco, TX

Stonebriar Community Church was formed in 1998 as a nondenominational church - an independent church not affiliated with or governed by a denominational organization. After just six months, 1,500 people were attending worship services at our temporary location—a community college. In February 2001, Stonebriar opened the doors of its first worship center. Quickly, the 1,500-seat auditorium was filled during each of two Sunday-morning services. Five years later, a third Sunday-morning worship service to accommodate growth. Construction on the new Worship Center was completed in the fall of 2008, making room for 3,000 people at each worship service.

In order to accommodate a congregation of this size, a fan shaped geometry was selected for the new sanctuary.  This geometry is often favored for services that incorporate contemporary worship that utilizes amplified music.  Conversely, the worship services at Stonebriar are traditional, and incorporate a 120 piece choir, full orchestra and organ. (Stonebriar has a youth services that are held in the original worship center).   In order to maintain optimum clarity for the spoken word, considerable amounts of acoustical treatment were applied.  The LARES system was then installed in two phases.  The first iteration utilized second generation hardware, and focused on providing optimum conditions for sources on the platform.  The second iteration was designed when an antiphonal organ was added.  It was one of the first Generation Three systems, and it doubled the acoustical capacity of the system.  The new system enables independent acoustical control of both sources on the platform, as well as the congregation and antiphonal organ.  In addition, the system features a unique electro-acoustic reflector that maintains presence and impact of the choir throughout the volume.